Triangle strives to quickly develop talent in a collegial environment by valuing our people, rewarding good performance, and providing high-impact opportunities (both client-based and firm leadership-based) for team members to stretch their abilities.


Triangle offers a well-rounded consulting experience that places a high degree of importance on having a fun, collaborative culture.


Triangle has a steadfast commitment to building and maintaining a diverse and inclusive team. We believe that different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives enrich our internal team culture and strengthen the impactful insights we deliver to our clients.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Committee spearheads the firm’s efforts to foster a workplace that values diversity. Team members commit time to raise awareness of macro issues impacting the healthcare industry, recognize and educate the broad Triangle team on implicit bias, and take action to establish processes for candidate selection, recruitment, retention, and development.

Triangle strives to establish and maintain gender diversity across our organization. To support our inclusive recruiting and hiring practices, we created the Triangle Women in Leadership (TWIL) committee to mentor and develop strong female leaders in both STEM and consulting. Since our inception, Triangle’s leadership has strongly believed in equal pay for equal work, evidenced through our commitment to gender pay equity at all levels.

As a boutique firm, we thrive on developing a close and supportive work environment characterized by open communication. Triangle leadership makes an active effort to maintain a healthy work-life fulfilment for its consulting team. Examples of our commitment to maintaining workplace mental well-being include organizing social events to foster multi-level employee connection, offering flexibility for mental health wellness days, providing maternity and paternity leave for our working parents, and leveraging our internal Health & Wellness committee to spearhead activities such as yoga and meditation.

Triangle believes in a culture where people with disabilities – both seen and unseen – can demonstrate their abilities and value in consulting. We appreciate the advantages of neurodiversity and foster an open culture that recognizes the benefits of our team’s diversity of thought. We are fully committed to ensuring equal opportunity to people with disabilities in our recruitment, hiring, and development processes.

Triangle strongly believes that different backgrounds and perspectives enrich our internal team culture and strengthen the impactful insights we deliver to our clients. We are aware of the systemic biases, racism, and unequal treatment that exist in our world, and we continue to listen, learn, and uplift underrepresented voices as we develop a more inclusive work environment – including driving initiatives to increase representation of Black, Indigenous and other people of color on our team.

We are inspired by veterans at Triangle and are honored to have a strong group working with us today. We value the unique skills and diversity that military veterans bring to our project teams and actively seek to recruit and hire individuals from this important group.

Our organization is most successful when we elevate our diversity of thought and create environments where all our employees can thrive.  Triangle aspires to maintain and promote a culture that is safe and comfortable for all LGBTQ+ team members so that they feel able to be themselves fully at work.


Triangle’s size provides team members with leadership opportunities to help drive the future growth of an entrepreneurial firm. Team members can participate in and lead various firm-shaping initiatives.

One of the easiest ways for team members to shape our organization is through our internal committees (whether joining an existing one or creating your own). Current committees include:

  • Social committee
  • Diversity and inclusion committee
  • Philanthropy committee
  • Triangle women in leadership (TWIL)
  • Tools and training committee
  • Recruiting committee


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