We Solve the Hard Problems

Triangle Insights Group

We Solve the Hard Problems

Where We Work

We’ve worked in every aspect of the life science space, bringing exceptional results with a collaborative approach.

  • Where We Work

    We work globally across the life science space.

  • Where We Work

    We support clients in the therapeutics, diagnostics, and medical device industries.

  • Where We Work

    Our experience covers every imaginable therapeutic area and more than 150 indications.

  • Where We Work

    We address needs spanning the pharmaceutical lifecycle.

  • Where We Work

    We distill insights from primary research across a range of stakeholders and research approaches (in-person, ad-board, phone and quant).

  • Where We Work

    We offer strategic problem-solving across all technologies—including ultra specialized (e.g., gene-editing, orphan) and general (e.g., dermatology, primary care).

Our Services

We work with everyone from top global biopharmaceutical companies to emerging players, and we pride ourselves on delivering valuable insights and tailored strategies.

  • All
  • CEO and Senior Leaders
  • Corporate and Business Development
  • Marketing, Commercialization and Sales
  • Pricing and Market Access
  • Investors, Others

R&D Prioritization

Assist the client in developing a plan for R&D that balances goals related to opportunity size, timing, diversity/synergy, etc.
  • R&D Capabilities Assessment
  • R&D Strategy
  • Portfolio Strategy

Commercial Assessment

Evaluate the commercial potential of an opportunity.
  • Forecasting
  • Commercial Landscape
  • Market Research

Portfolio Strategy

Develop a portfolio that balances priorities related to commercial opportunity, timing, capability alignment, competitive intensity, and diversity.
  • Portfolio Evaluation
  • Platform Target Identification
  • Portfolio Rationalization

Due Diligence

Evaluate the opportunity the client is interested in investing in and provide strategic recommendations.
  • Due Diligence
  • Forecasting

Transaction Support

Conduct activities related to deal preparation, partner outreach, communication of the characteristics of the opportunity, deal structuring, and negotiation.
  • Partnering Preparation and Material Development
  • Deal Term Benchmarking
  • Transaction Support

Stakeholder Market Research

Investigate how aspects of the product are perceived by various stakeholders (e.g., patients, physicians, payers).
  • IDI/ TDI/ Ad Boards/ Quant Research
  • Conjoint, Multivariate Analytics
  • Insight Mining
  • Strategic Asset Positioning

Commercial Strategy and Execution

Help a client plan and execute an approach for commercializing a product.
  • HCP Targeting
  • HCP/Patient Segmentation
  • HCP Behavior Modeling
  • Branding and Message Testing

Launch Planning

Develop a strategy, implementation plan, and tracking program for product launch.
  • Commercial Launch Strategy
  • Commercial Launch Readiness
  • Launch Management

Pricing and Access Strategy

Evaluate access and coverage based on analogs and primary research (US: MCO/PBM/IDN etc.; EU: National/Regional Payors).
  • Clinical Value Proposition
  • Analog Analysis
  • IDI/TDI with Payers

Opportunity Identification

Assist the client in identifying potential partnership opportunities.
  • Search Project
  • Portfolio Strategy

Value Determination and Pricing Optimization

Help the client develop a value proposition that will optimize their pricing potential.
  • R&D Endpoint Evaluation
  • HTA Evaluation
  • IDI/TDI/Payer Advisory Panel
  • Net Pricing Optimization
  • Pricing Elasticity