We Drive Results

Triangle Insights Group

We Drive Results

Our Expertise

We support clients in every aspect of life sciences, bringing exceptional results with a collaborative approach.

  • Where We Work

    We work globally across the life sciences space.

  • Where We Work

    We support clients in the therapeutics, diagnostics, and medical device industries.

  • Where We Work

    Our experience covers every therapeutic area and more than 150 indications.

  • Where We Work

    We address needs spanning the pharmaceutical lifecycle.

  • Where We Work

    We distill insights from primary research across a range of stakeholders and research approaches (in-person, ad-board, phone and quant).

  • Where We Work

    We offer strategic problem-solving across all technologies including specialized (e.g., gene-editing, orphan) and general (e.g., dermatology, primary care).

Our Services

We work with a range of clients from top global biopharma companies to emerging players, and we pride ourselves on delivering valuable insights and tailored strategies.

  • All
  • CEO and Senior Leaders
  • Corporate and Business Development
  • Marketing, Commercialization and Sales
  • Pricing and Market Access
  • Investors, Others

Pricing and Market Access

Evaluate access and coverage based on analogs and primary research (US: MCO/PBM/IDN etc.; EU: National/Regional Payors).
  • Clinical Value Proposition
  • Analog Analysis
  • IDI/TDI with Payers

Cell and Gene Therapy

Assist clients with key development and commercial decisions in an evolving market landscape.
  • Commercial Landscape
  • Market Research

New Product Planning

Develop a strategy, implementation plan, and tracking program for product launch.
  • Commercial Launch Strategy
  • Commercial Launch Readiness
  • Launch Management

Due Diligence

Evaluate the opportunity the client is interested in investing in and provide strategic recommendations.
  • Due Diligence
  • Forecasting

R&D Prioritization

Assist the client in developing a plan for R&D that balances goals related to opportunity size, timing, diversity/synergy, etc.
  • R&D Capabilities Assessment
  • R&D Strategy
  • Portfolio Strategy

Commercial Assessment

Evaluate the commercial potential of an opportunity.
  • Forecasting
  • Commercial Landscape
  • Market Research

Commercial Strategy and Execution

Help a client plan and execute an approach for commercializing a product.
  • HCP Targeting
  • HCP/Patient Segmentation
  • HCP Behavior Modeling
  • Branding and Message Testing

Portfolio Strategy

Develop a portfolio that balances priorities related to commercial opportunity, timing, capability alignment, competitive intensity, and diversity.
  • Portfolio Evaluation
  • Platform Target Identification
  • Portfolio Rationalization

Transaction Support

Conduct activities related to deal preparation, partner outreach, communication of the characteristics of the opportunity, deal structuring, and negotiation.
  • Partnering Preparation and Material Development
  • Deal Term Benchmarking
  • Transaction Support

Stakeholder Market Research

Investigate how aspects of the product are perceived by various stakeholders (e.g., patients, physicians, payers).
  • IDI/ TDI/ Ad Boards/ Quant Research
  • Conjoint, Multivariate Analytics
  • Insight Mining
  • Strategic Asset Positioning

Opportunity Identification

Assist the client in identifying potential partnership opportunities.
  • Search Project
  • Portfolio Strategy

Value Determination and Pricing Optimization

Help the client develop a value proposition that will optimize their pricing potential.
  • R&D Endpoint Evaluation
  • HTA Evaluation
  • IDI/TDI/Payer Advisory Panel
  • Net Pricing Optimization
  • Pricing Elasticity
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